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We have been slow to update here but we have not been resting. Since the last update we have been playing live, but most importantly, we have been recording our new album. Everything is not done, but the drums are done, the guitars and bass are soon done and the vocals will be sung soon.
You can get more information at our facebook page HERE

The rest of the years gigs can be found on 'Live Rituals'.
For booking inquiries mail us at officialwormwood@gmail.com or send us a PM on our Facebook

Pre-order now available at Non Serviam Records!
You can also find a limited bundle HERE (t-shirt and album) 

The album will be released the 10th of March and you can start your pre-order the 10th of February HERE.
Whilst you wait, here is a teaser for the album!


A few week ago we inked a deal with Non Serviam Records. They have the vision and the vie we've been looking for and our pact will surly be fruitful. Ghostlands - Wounds From a Bleeing Earth will be released in 2017, both physical and digital. More information on how you can buy it will be come later.
The album was recorded and mixed by Sverker WIdgren at Wing Studios.

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All instruments have been recorded. Only the vocals left. Hopefully everything will be done within a few weeks. 

Vocals will be done in Wing Studios where we recorded the drums as well.

Our music video for Godless Serenade is in post production now and will be made public this summer.


We are in the final stages before hitting the studio next month. We will announce more information about the album and such within a few weeks.


Debut EP coming March 2015

Six immersive songs about the dark, cold waters of the arctic, splendid northern woodlands and creatures from long lost tales.

7/10 - CrankItUp